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Kokrajhar Museum


Mukteshwari Devalaya

District: Udalguri
Geo-coordinates:N 26˚45'55.1", E 92˚01'04.1"

About the Site:

Mukteshwari Devalaya is located in Adala village in Ambagaon of Udalguri district. The temple is associated with the legend of Sati Behula or Beula. The region is believed to be the capital of the Shahe Raja, the father of Beula and the birthplace of Beula. Beula’s husband Lakhinder was the son of Chand Sadagar who was a businessman. It is also believed that Chand Sadagar tied his boat in an upland near the Kalindi river. Beula was cursed at this temple to be a widow; however, Beula could bring her dead husband back to life with her devotion to Ma Manasa, the goddess of snakes.Presently there are three temples, namely Manasha, Shiva and Vishnu at the premise of the Mukteshwari Devalaya. Several sacrificial swords are found at the temple. A major attraction is the old banyan tree at the temple.

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