Kokrajhar Museum

Kokrajhar Museum


Mahamaya Snanghat Temple

District: Kokrajhar
Geo-coordinates:N 26˚13'43.84", E 90˚07'33.59"

About the Site:

Mahamaya Snanghat Temple is located on the bank of Tipkai River, a tributary of the Brahmaputra in Khoraghat area of Kokrajhar. This is an important place where thousands of pilgrims visit throughout the year. This temple is located a few kilometres from the main temple known as the Mahamaya Than. The presiding deity of this temple is Goddess Mahamaya. It is believed that the deity Mahamaya used to take bath at the Snan Ghat in ancient times. Due to this reason, the place came to known as Mahamaya Snan Ghat. The Shakti Yagya is one of the most important rituals performed at the Mahamaya Snanghat Temple.

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