Kokrajhar Museum

Kokrajhar Museum


Atrimunir Ashram

District: Udalguri
Geo-coordinates: N 26˚43'59.04", E 91˚45'52.73"

About the Site:

This site is known as Atrimunir Ashram, located in Suklai, Atherikhat of Udalguri district, BTC, Assam. The ashram (hermitage) is named after the Sage Atri, son of Lord Brahma. Atri is one of the Saptarishis or seven great Vedic sages. The Ashram is surrounded by tea garden which enhances the beauty of the Ashram. This is a holy place where Yagya is performed in the Yagya Kunda located in the dry pond in the ashram every year.

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