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bow and arrow

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Bow and arrow

Bwrla and jilir or thir




The bow and arrow is an age-old hunting implement. The bow is the elastic launching device and the arrows are long projectiles having a pointed tip. These are mostly made of split bamboos and used by the most of the ethnic communities for chasing and hunting animals like birds, rabbits, deer, porcupine, boars etc. A flexible and sturdy bamboo is selected which can be bend up to an arc. A string prepared of the upper skin of young bamboo plant with two notches on both sides is tied to the two limbs of the bow with small chords. The chords are made of jute. The bamboo slits used for making the arrow are straightened by wrapping them in taro (Colocasia esculenta) or sal (Shorea robusta) leaves and heating them slowly over fire. On one end of the shaft, an iron tip is notched whereas on the other end, a pile of uniformly trimmed feathers (mostly of eagle/vulture/pigeon) is tied or stuck into small gouges made on the surface of the bamboo. In earlier days it was used as a weapon for defense against intruders and even dangerous animals, now its usage is limited to simple hunting activities.