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fishing rod

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Fishing rod


Sarania Kachari

Bamboo with an iron hook

A borokhi is a simple fishing rod having a long, flexible stick or pole made of bamboo for angling. A string with an iron hook at its end is attached to the pole. To lure the fish, baits such as earthworms and other insects are pinned to the hook in such a way that the hook gets stuck in the mouth of the fish if it swallows the bait. The rod or pole is held in hands while the string goes into the water. A small floating object like a piece of bamboo or stem of a plant is also attached to the string and only from that point the string goes under water. When fish nibbles the bait, the floating object starts moving, thus alerting the fisherman. When it gets fully submerged in the water, it means the fish gulped the bait and is stuck to the hook, thereby, letting the fisherman know its time to pull the string out of the water.

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