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weaving beam

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Weaving Beam

Gandwi or Gandui




Gandwi or Gandui is a cylindrical shaped weaving beam made of wood, particularly Sal (Shorea robusta) tree. On either end, there is a hole in which iron or bamboo made sticks known as Khilabaris are used for tightening the beam. Khilabaris are put through the holes at both ends of the Gandwi to serve as a lever to tighten the yarn and roll it during the entire process of weaving. There are two beams in a hand loom. These are fixed at the front and back of the loom. The warp sheet is wound on to this beam. Gandwi is used in the initial setup before weaving. When the yarns are ready for weaving it is tied to the Gandwi with a small rope. This process of tying is called thunjri tying. When the woven cloth becomes long and enough to be rolled then the yarns which had previously been tied to the Gandwi with a rope is cut loose and the newly woven cloth is inserted below the Gonsi which happens to be in the hollow of the Gandwi and then the cloth is rolled over the Gandwi.

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